Advanced access control fingerprint management with Unis

Trac-Tech’s Unis access control fingerprint management software allows users to maximise the functionality of their access control hardware. The software has a number of value added management features and provides real time storage of a user’s fingerprints in conjunction with a clocking device. An optional time and attendance (T&A) module is available as a USB dongle.

“Preceded by Trac-Tech’s Access Manager Unis was developed after requests from our customers for further management, flexibility and functionality of the terminals on a high end basis,” Trac-Tech’s Ian Kellerman explained.

The software has a number of special features such as meal ticket management. “This is ideal for organisations that have canteens and allows management to allocate vouchers based on predetermined time periods. The vouchers will be invalidated should the user attempt to use them outside the specified time zone. In addition, vouchers for specific meals, such as breakfast, would not be available outside a specified ‘breakfast time’ range,” said Kellerman.

The system has SQL or Access database capabilities and can export information to other T&A packages, which in turn will export to all the proprietary payroll systems. Clocking terminals can be added internally and the system is based on either individual workstations or is server-based across WAN or LAN.

“There is no limit to the number of users who can be added to the system and there is no extra charge for adding extra users, making it quite unique in industry,” said Kellerman.

“Once the terminal has scanned your fingerprint it matches it to records in the database. You can add further security elements to the system by having a 1:1 which would mean a check against your fingerprint plus a check against either a pin code or a user card. This then in essence becomes an individual security system which allows it to check only that one particular person without having to access a large database,” said Kellerman. The anti-passback feature means that if someone has entered the building without clocking in, they will not be allowed to clock out at a valid terminal.

Based on feedback from previous users of Access Manager, the software is designed around ease of use and enhanced management with extended reporting capabilities. “The basic reporting facility is per user, per department, per terminal, per access group and per date range. Records are stored on both the terminal and the software with information of the user and their clocking history,” Kellerman explained.

Superior access management

Unis has evolved into a superior management tool with a number of specialised features including a blacklist manager. “This feature is ideal for use in scenarios where multiple contractors access site on a daily basis. If someone is dismissed by a contractor they will be blacklisted on the system so if they try to register with a new contractor (employer) the system will automatically alert management as to their blacklisted status and disallow their entry on to site,” said Kellerman.

Various access groups and areas can be configured in Unis:
  • Access times for particular, predetermined zones (06:00 to 22:00 for example)
  • Access times for access zones for specific days (administration and reception areas only on weekdays for administration and management staff, for example)
  • Access areas, for example, ‘front door for administration’; or ‘factory entrance for administration and factory workers’ with specific links to the time periods each group can have access to these areas
  • Visitor management module for allocated access periods and areas.

“Site map monitoring shows the global layout of the site and terminal position in relation to entrance and exit points and will indicate if a door is opened or a terminal is disconnected,” said Kellerman.

“You can manage I/O information, for example when an access door remains open for a predetermined time, a pop-up will appear on the user’s PC screen to inform them of their action. The software can broadcast messages when people clock in, for example, ‘report to the manager’s office’. An email can also be sent to alert management when specific people clock in,” explained Kellerman.

In order to minimise network traffic and provide a real-time update of transactions, the devices will ‘push’ their transactions to the server as they occur. While templates are being sent to the Virdi biometric readers, users can continue to transact.

The software is also designed with safety and security in mind. “You can enable panic control in the software such that if a panic button is pressed at a terminal, it will send an email alert plus audibly emit a siren. This is ideal for fire warnings and can also be linked to a fire/smoke monitoring system for automatic alerts,” said Kellerman.

“We have had extremely positive feedback from our customers who applaud the enhancements programmed into the software in terms of high-end management of access control and time and attendance. In addition to being a very powerful management tool, the system also affords each user the assurance that their data cannot be tampered with and only valid clock in times will be recorded,” Kellerman concluded.

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