Real-time, web-based time and attendance solution

Instant connectivity, real-time data and minimal fuss are the demands of modern-day businesses. Web Register is a web-based time and attendance (T&A) solution hosted on a client’s server, which communicates with SQL databases and allows many users to connect to the system via a web browser, without the need for additional software.

Developed 10 years ago, the system is finding great acceptance in a world driven by the move to more web-based applications and it allows companies to access a shared resource environment quickly and painlessly.

The system allows for multiple administrators and up to 100 users. Specific industries that benefit from this package are mining; travel and tourism; hospitality; and R&D, where the system monitors total project hours in terms of research hours per person.

Web Register has all the benefits and features that other T&A packages offer but the differentiator is apparent in its design and usage. One of these characteristics is that a user can email reports to relevant parties straight from the web page. “One can also export reports directly to Excel and certain reports can be exported to PDF, all with the confidence that the traditionally associated issues with loss of formatting on importation have been removed,” said Trac-Tech’s Buddy Solomons.

There are no annual licences associated with Web Register and there is no restriction on the number of employees who can be added to the system. In addition, because of its user-friendly nature, Web Register normally does not require on-site support after its first year in operation.

Report flexibility

Web Register uses Trac-Tech’s Unis as the underlying product to gather authenticated details. The integration between the two products is seamless and Web Register is able to automatically detect any T&A users.

Standard features include an HR reporter and full time and attendance information. “A new feature is cross filtering which allows one to flexibly select the relevant department or occupational group and produce targeted reports,” said Solomons.

“Administrators can create a number of users and permissions for each user, for example, ‘Access timesheets’ or ‘Only allow access to specific columns within the timesheet’,” Solomons added.

Web Register provides a multitude of reports for defined exceptions and final hours. Reports are interactive for the main users and when the timesheet is updated it will automatically update the relevant report. The system will indicate which person’s records have been accessed and edited, which can be reviewed in any other related report.

The audit trail allows management to see if supervisors are editing timesheets. “Each time they access and edit it is recorded against their user profile. Password protection of users, however, is specific to each user and even administrators cannot view this password,” said Solomons.

Full integration

Web Register information can be exported to 95% of all payroll systems in South Africa and is a Senior Partner of Softline VIP Payroll and many other payroll systems such as Pastel and Payslip . “Trac-Tech has developed the Automatic Leave Integration module specifically for use in the Softline VIP Payroll system,” said Solomons.

A separate module – Employee Integration – will allow payroll administrator to add or terminate an employee from the system from VIP. This will automatically update the employee’s details on the template management software (Unis) and then update Web Register.

Solomons said that Trac-Tech has had reports of some users accessing specific elements such as clocking in and clocking out of employees via their iPhones and Blackberries even though Trac-Tech has not currently developed a smart phone application. “This underlines the inherent sophistication of the programming of the system and affords us with a further challenge going forward as we refine its use on smart phones.”

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