Perimeter Security

Employees transact at the perimeter security barrier, where the biometric terminal / card reader confirms their identity, time zone validity and anti-pass-back status.


Vehicle Barrier

Vehicle access is limited to employees with access rights and can incorporate control for visitors.


Visitor Management

Visitors are registered on the system & are either assigned a visitors card, or have their fingers scanned for a biometric template. Visitors may only transact at assigned readers, or can be hosted by an employee. “Access Rights” expire at the end of a visit.


Elevator Control

Control lift access for apartments and offices by interfacing either RFID or biometric technology with the lift control panel.


Meal Management

Monitor access to the canteen and limit the number of subsidised meals served to each employee, or use the technology for a cashless payment environment.


High Security Areas

Limit access to your server room with biometric readers and stand-alone electronic door locks. Monitor the activities of the personnel and the movement of equipment with integrated digital CCTV.


Integrated Applications

Manage the access control rights and time management of your office employees. By integrating biometric technology with your access controller, you are able to ensure that only authorised employees are able to enter restricted areas. Over and above the access control functionality, you are able to incorporate full blown time & attendance control for selected employees.


Parameter Driven Configuration

Each individual access / time recording point has a specific set of pre-defined business rules catering for that points security requirements. Time zones, anti-pass-back, rules and intrusion detection are individually defined. With built in TCP/IP communications configurations settings can be uploaded on the fly.


Central Control

With a fully integrated access control / building management solution incorporation digital CCTV and intrusion detection, security personnel can track and manage all security incidents on-line & real-time.