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Trac-Tech Support


In order to truly benefit from a ROI it is essential that your implementation is backed up by a dedicated team of industry professionals who understand your requirements, are able to identify and resolve technical or training issues and ensure the highest level of system uptime.

Trac-Tech has a dedicated support team backed up by highly experienced product engineers. We run a dedicated Help Desk with an enterprise wide CRM system and employ tools such as Team Viewer™ for Remote Desktop Support.

The Trac-Tech service capability ensures an extremely quick response time by certified, trained and experienced personnel.

Service Level Agreements (SLA) are available for those clients who want to contain their support costs as well as benefit from associated reduced service fees. So, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on Time & Attendance, Access Control or Biometric Technology Solutions.

Trac-Tech Service Request

Please complete this form in full. Should you have any queries please contact our National Helpdesk on 0861 100 198


I hereby confirm that I am authorised to request service from Trac-Tech on behalf of the company. I further confirm that in the event this Service Request is not covered by a SLA (Service Level Agreement) that I agree to settle the applicable charges for labour, travel and parts in full.

Confirmation of Standard Charges:

(SLA rates discounted as per agreement)

  • Labour R820.00 Per Hour ex. VAT

  • Travel Per KM R5.00 ex. VAT

  • Travel Time R820.00 Per Hour ex. VAT

  • Parts cost in excess of R500.00 will be quoted for

To sign this online form from your computer, use your mouse by holding down the LEFT button and drawing your signature. For mobile devices you only need to draw your signature with your finger.

Thanks for submitting!

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