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Trac-Tech Biometric Solutions

Biometric Technology

Biometric Identification / Authentication is used to enhance Access and Time Management implementations by accurately identify users, eliminating ghost employees, preventing identity theft and provides the added convenience of a form of ID which cannot be forgotten, lost or duplicated.

Trac-Tech has been successfully implementing ViRDI Biometric technology since 2007. The products are in use on 1000’s of sites in more than 40 industries by market leading organisations.

Africa’s largest Retailer, the Shoprite Group has 1000+ Sites, 128 000+ Active Employees, 1 400 000+ Fingerprint Template Database and Processes 200 000+ Transactions per day. The Fingerprint Enrolment Success Rate is 99.1% and system uptime since 2012 is 99.99+%.

ViRDI Devices have the following Standard Features:


  • Live and Fake Finger Detection

  • Worlds Best Commercial Embedded Fingerprint Algorithm

  • Sapphire Crystal Optical Sensor

  • Similar Fingerprint Database Check

Key Features:

  • 10 Fingerprint Enrolment Per User

  • User Identification on both Terminal and Server

  • Terminals “PUSH” data to Server.

  • Embedded ID Card Readers (RFID / Mifare / Desfire / HID / Felica)

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