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Essential proactivity-and-communication tools in the fight against COVID-19

With the Corona Virus outbreak (COVID-19) now classified as a National Disaster and Global Pandemic, extraordinary measures have been imposed to contain the spread. Contact-transmission means new challenges for Physical Identity Access Management during a pandemic of this nature.

With infection rates surging and contact discouraged, organisations are under immense pressure to protect its workforce and adapt with remote working solutions and improved Identity Access Management solutions. Times of crisis demand swift solutions, so traditional thinking and platforms need to rapidly adapt.

Proactivity is essential, so the ability to effectively assess the risk of an identity before granting or removing access is key. Preventing massive queue backlogs due to slow screening is paramount, especially in high foot count areas. This means being able to swiftly score the risk automatically based on behaviour patterns, before allowing an identity profile with access (or even proximity to a facility).

Behaviour patterns include notifications on prior travel of an individual to restricted countries (achieved by integrations with HR and travel applications). This can alert-and-prevent access or proximity of a high-risk individual.

Clear communication of Access Policies and restrictions can furthermore efficiently prevent proximity altogether by configuring Visitor Management Systems with alerts and notification to manage expectations proactively. Mandatory proactive screening questions can bolster behaviour patterns to garter greater knowledge and control over access. Pre-registration or autonomous check-in software can especially reduce risk and allow for vetting before access or proximity of high-risk individuals.

At Trac-Tech we pride ourselves as leaders in the fields of Access Control, Time & Attendance and Biometric Technology and value the safety of our employees and clients. We urge you to adhere to all practices imposed to fight the battle against COVID-19 and encourage you to make contact with us on solutions to effectively and efficiently manage your Physical Identity Access, especially in these challenging times.


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